Our focus is on self awareness and self management through personal and professional development. We guide people to discover their own personal energy and empower them to create and live their own ideal life.




We deliver practical and essential awareness coaching and training.

Working with individuals, corporates and community, we create and deliver practical and essential personal and professional development coaching and programs that focus on self awareness.


Engaging with all the aspects that make up who we are, we create the meaningful change that people who team with us look to achieve, to optimise and actualise their life.


Awareness is at the core of everything we do because it's awareness that is the most important prerequisite for any form of change.


Your ideal life

Self Awareness enables you to consciously create and live the life your want, feeling that it is being created by you, rather than just letting life happen to you.


It's a movement

The Awareness Movement is here, it's no longer a trend, it's now expected. The next phase will be that if we are not taking care of ourselves through awareness, we will be seen as neglecting ourselves.


Be empowered

We are all highly motivated to learn more about ourselves, so self awareness creates an inspired, energised person empowered to create their own life's path.


Key principles

The 3 key driving principles behind all our coaching and training is:

- To know yourself

- To be your true self

- To live your truth.

If not you, who ?

If not now, when ?

You are the only one who can make the changes you desire in your life, no one else can or will do it for you. And right now is the time to start, why put it off ? There is no perfect time to begin.

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Our Impact

We bring clarity, focus and lasting positive change to all aspects of people's lives, both personally and professionally.


Scroll over the images to see just some of the impact we're having everyday.

Overcoming past

patterns, limiting

beliefs and fears.

Discovery and

embracing the

authenticity of self.

Performing at a

higher level of

true potential.

Building and

nurturing the ideal relationships.

Restoring and

balancing personal

power and impact.

Creating new ways

of living that align

with what's important.



One on One Coaching

'I am now so much more aware, conscious and understanding, living from a place of love, not fear. I cannot thank David enough.' Kerry


'What makes David amazing when he's coaching is that I'm sure he knows all the answers but he lets you discover what's right for yourself.' Robert


Coaching & Training

'It was great to look at my business life holistically, David's advice has been priceless and has enabled me to streamline my approach to running my business. I can't recommend utilising his services highly enough.' Michelle


'The ROI has been huge, our monthly coaching sessions are a must.' Peter


Training & Workshops

'For the first time in my life I have clear defined goals of what I want and I now know what I need to do to make it happen.' Michael


'The training has inspired me to rediscover who I am, to focus on what's important and to put expectations on myself of what I can actually achieve.' Simone


So lets start a conversation.

We're always only a phone call or email away, so to find out how Mindsociates can help you, your business or an entire team you work with, lets start the conversation.

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